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Airlines enforce COVID-19 safety standards for vacation travel

As the seasonal Fall and Winter season vacations approach, airline companies implement COVID-19 security standards to prepare for a potential surge in cases and help travelers feel less anxious about flying.

The Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance anticipates 210,000 to 420,000 brand-new COVID-19 cases will likely be reported by Nov. 7, 2020.

Individuals traveling from different locations increase the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19 amongst events, according to the CDC’s website.

Rocio Valenzuela, an Arizona local who took a trip to New york city state for a modeling gig, said her very first flight experience consisted of packed airports and safety preventative measures.

“You have your individuals who are extremely reckless; don’t care and want to make it to their flight like, ‘I don’t care, I’m going to press by this individual and touch them,’ even when we’re in a pandemic. It’s always those individuals that destroy it for the rest people,” said Valenzuela.

Valenzuela had to take a linking flight from Arizona to the Charlotte International Airport in North Carolina to reach New york city. While in the airport, she noticed most people used masks but were not socially distanced.

“Individuals were trying to, however I felt like there were many people that they could not social distance,” said Valenzuela.

Travelers wait in terminals for flights at the Charlotte International Airport in North Carolina. Groups of people take a trip within the airport, leaving little room to practice social distancing guidelines or sanitization of lounge locations. (Photo offered by Rocio Valenzuela )

Airports, such as, The Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport is following Louisiana state and the CDC’s guidelines for travelers to browse TSA and terminals.

Tourists can bring 12-oz bottles of sanitizer in carry-on bags, practice social distancing with six-feet markers taped on the ground and use facial coverings while in the airport, according to Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport’s website.

During her flight, Valenzuela sat next to an older woman (all travelers were needed to use masks), and she said flight attendants didn’t serve food or beverages on the flight to lower transmission of the infection.

United Airlines flight attendant, Amber LeBlanc, said her airline distribute snacks in pre-packaged bags, beverages remain in unopened cans, and the planes “are being sanitized heavily in-between each flight especially before.”

LeBlanc and a number of other United flight attendants have just recently been furloughed and are not sure when they’ll be back to work.

She likewise was uncertain how United will handle a possible surge of tourists with absence of staffing.

” I’m uncertain to be honest. I make certain people will be traveling more,” said LeBlanc.

The Maroon has reached out to several American airline companies to ask if there were precaution being put in place for possible approaching holiday travel. No airline company has actually reacted for remark, other than for Delta Airlines, who stated, “Thank you for your current inquiry. Sadly we are unable to accommodate your demand.”

The Bureau of Transportation Stats computed that 2.03 millions travelers took a trip daily throughout the week of Thanksgiving, Nov. 16, 2018 through Nov. 27, 2018. The Sunday after Thanksgiving was the busiest day, with 2.33 million travelers, which is 300,000 more individuals than average for the whole year, according to Bureau of Transportation Data’ site.

A number of airline companies, such as American Airlines, have actually consisted of commitment statements on their websites for travelers who will be flying.

Planes are geared up with sanitizer on all flights, seats and over-head bin manages are “deep-cleaned,” additional sanitization of food-prep areas, and airplanes will be treated with SurfaceWave2, a coating that kills 99.9% of infection in the upcoming weeks, according to AA’s site.

In addition, American Airlines needs guests to leave their facial coverings on during the whole flight, apart from eating and drinking. If somebody refuses to comply by using face masks, they are escorted off of the flight.

An American Airlines aircraft parks near a terminal gate for travelers to board airplane. Guests who refused to wear face coverings were escorted off of the airplane. (Photo provided by Rocio Valenzuela )

Though Valenzuela said she felt safe while traveling, she prepares to stay house for the upcoming holiday to not contract the infection.

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